Django Beaudoin

 Audio Engineer 

(Plus many other fun things)

I am an audio engineer from New Mexico, studying at Berklee College of Music. I play drums and guitar quite well. I also can pretend to play many other instruments. In my spare time (and my not so spare time) I make lots of music. Listen to it.

 Audio Engineer 

(Plus many other 

fun things)

Instagram @iamnotacelery


Postmarked February Nineteen

When over a year of work culminates in a little over 20 minutes of music, surely it’s gotta be good. Do give it a listen


Previously absent from this website, the pines EP does in fact exist and can and should be listened to via the link below !!


My second album, Reflections, has released! Perhaps you will enjoy it. Certainly it is worth hearing, via the button

Yarn Doll Rejects

Treat yourself to the sound of a single, inspired by music and made to sound like music (which it is inspired by). Yarn Doll Rejects truly is revolutionary technology, which can be yours by pressing the button:

Soundscapes from the Garden

Soundscapes from the garden is an EP consisting entirely of good music. It is available on all major platforms, plus band camp, via the link below. Enjoy :)

Let Me Forget Me

My debut album, Let Me Forget Me,  is available for purchase on BandCamp and can be found on all platforms via the button

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